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To an SEO expert the answer to the above question is an obvious YES, but what about an internet-marketing starter – a person who knows little about search engine optimization.

Here, I have a straightforward explanation on the importance of backlinks to your website.

Backlinks are at the heart of SEO!

Google loves linked websites. The more websites link to your website, the more Google views your website as an authority and thus gives it priority in SERP (search engine results page).

Of course, the main goal of SEO is to rank your website on Google’s first page of search results. (Very few people go beyond the first page of search result).

I am sure getting backlinks to your site can be a completely hectic process. Besides creating high quality content for your website, (Google loves quality content), you have to spend hours online searching for websites that are willing to link to your site.

This is extremely time-consuming. Who has the time to waste? Not you, I am sure.

I believe you want to rank your sites (assuming you have a number of niche sites) on Google’s first page within the shortest time possible.

I am sure you want to rank all your pages without having to take the time-consuming SEO lessons from the so-called ‘SEO experts’.

Again, even if you had some experience in SEO, do you have the time to sit around and create thousands of backlinks? Definitely, you don’t.

Do you really need to hire an ‘SEO expert’, to help you with the backlink work? The ‘expert’ will either take years to get quality backlinks to your site or get you links using some black hat techniques that Google hates.

I am sure you don’t want Google to penalize or ban your site for using black hat SEO.

Relax; the solution to the backlink creation problem is here. The solution is this heaven-sent backlink tool. This software completely automates the process of getting backlinks for your site.

You can get a fully functional 14-day free trial by going to SENukes website!

This is a super fast and easy way to dominate Google’s first page with your niche sites.

Remember, backlinks are at the heart of SEO.

This software is an incredible time-saver! It searches the internet and creates links back to your website.


  1. Backlink automation
  2. Thousands of backlinks to your money site
  3. First page ranking – taking over Google’s first page with your niche sites
  4. Increased traffic to your site
  5. Increased sales (resulting from the increased traffic)
  6. Inbuilt article builder and spinner – you don’t need a copy of The Best Spinner
  7. Ability to share automation scripts with other nukers to create links from thousands of places online.
  8. Built-in captcha services that help you create thousands of accounts in forums and article directories within minutes.

What Will This Backlink Tool Do For You?

The backlink software comes with lots of features specifically designed to help you rank your sites fast and economically.

  1. A powerful turbo wizard that helps you rank your websites very fast

This is by far the greatest feature you’ll find in this backlink software.

With the turbo wizard, you create your backlink campaigns in under 20 seconds. You heard that right, 20 seconds!

Within seconds, your backlink campaign is up and running.

The turbo wizard’s interface has 5 easy-to-fill sections. There is a section for the money site(s) details, a section for the keyword(s) you want to rank for, a section for the campaign settings (tags and quality of content to use settings), a section for the campaign name and a section for the campaign strategies. You fill out the details in about 20 seconds.

  1. A step-by-step wizard that lets you 100 percent control over your backlink campaign settings

Besides the turbo wizard, the backlink tool comes with a normal systematic wizard that lets have 100% control over your campaigns.

Each of the steps has several easy-to-fill fields. To make the process easier, the tool’s interface features screen tips/tooltips (a screen tip is small textbox that appears when a mouse is hovered over a field, button, or icon).

Oh, and you do not have to posses any SEO experience to use this wizard. The wizard does everything. All you do is provide information you already have. It’s that simple!

  1. A powerful scheduler that lets you plan your backlink campaign

To stay under Google’s radar, the software lets you schedule your backlink campaign using a built in scheduler.

An end to setting reminders and marking calendars.

Creating thousands of backlinks in a day is not healthy (any person with some SEO experience will tell you this). Google and other internet users will classify your links as spam.

The feature allows you to roll out your backlink campaign little by little. This way, the links will look completely natural.

  1. A promotion strategy mapper that lets you design a linking strategy

This state of the art backlink software lets you map-out a promotion strategy.

Using the modules provided, you draw a diagram to show the tool exactly how you would like the link building to work. This is wonderful, isn’t it?

And using this mapper isn’t rocket science, you just drug and drop the modules you want to include in your link structure and then link them to your money site.

If you do not have time to map out strategies, you have an option of using preset linking structures.

  1. A Google places module to help you with local SEO

I bet you know the power of local SEO. With local SEO, you create location-specific campaigns.

Local listings appear on Google’s first page. I am sure you have noticed this, if have been a keen user of Google.

With the Google places feature on the backlink software, doing local SEO is as easy as ABC. Getting your local business on Google’s first page of search results is only a few clicks away.

To set this up, click on new (the module is the third after the turbo wizard and the normal wizard modules) and on the dropdown menu, click on Google places. Once you have the Google places interface, fill out all the required fields about your local business. After you have filled out all the required fields, schedule or start the campaign.

  1. An indexing module to make sure Google indexes all your links

Only Indexed Links Matter

You may be having millions of backlinks and still rank last on Google if the links are not indexed.

This backlink software ensures that Google indexes all the links you create. The tool uses a powerful indexing module called Xindexer.

Can you imagine getting up to 50 links indexed in a single day? This is insane!

  1.  A user-friendly interface to make the tool easy to understand and use for you

You don’t have to be a SEO geek to rank your sites. The tool does everything for you. Everything, literally.

Get the power to easily rank your sites, today!