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With new updates being released regularly and new trends be discussed week after week, SEO is constantly evolving. In the last year alone, there have been about 13 updates by Google and these are just the more notable publicly announced ones. Behind the scenes, new changes and refreshes are made on a daily basis.

Here are a few big changes that your SEO Agency Leeds should be prepared for come 2015 –

• Optimizing for Mobile Traffic

Experts cannot understand how important it is for brands to rely on responsive websites to offer the best user experience. Google recently started to include the “mobile friendly” notation next to links on their mobile search results. If you haven’t already started working on a mobile website, now is the time to start.

• Thinking Beyond Google

It is expected that 2015 will finally be the year when other search engines begin to acquire more market share. For starters, Firefox will now use Yahoo! as their default browser and Google’s deal with Safari also comes to end in the coming year. Rumors suggest the Bing and Yahoo are trying to secure this empty spot. Furthermore, the option of switching your default browser on iOS8 and OS X to DuckDuckGo is also very much existent.
With more options other than Google being accepted, chances are that their increased visibility will make it more important for your brand to be visible on these engines.

• Shifting Focus to ROI Metrics

If your SEO Company UK is still focusing only on keyword rankings and reporting success on the basis of the keyword positions, then you need to reconsider the whole situation. It is not uncommon for companies to target useless keywords just to show that you are ranking high. Make sure that your agency is able to provide tangible results with regards to quantitative information on conversion rates and revenue generated.

• Taking on a Focused Approach for Social Media

Conventionally social media was perceived as a platform where brands would share content. Today, it is more than just that. It acts as an effective marketing channel as well as a comprehensive customer-service platform. Your audiences today expect that you as a brand will engage with them on a more personalized level. Instead of signing up with all possible social platforms and bombarding them with your content, focus on two or three key ones and find ways to be engaging, accommodating and active on them. This will help generate new leads, sales and eventually revenue from a very loyal set of fan following.

• Earning Links versus Building them

Through all the algorithmic updates over the years, inbound links continue to be one of the most critical considerations defining trust and authority. 2015 is not going to be any different. The days of building your links or blogs that are not relevant on running after large number of links to manipulate search results are long gone.

It is recommended that you focus on earning fewer links or better quality and relevant websites to benefit your SEO, referral traffic, sales and branding exposure as well as leads.

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