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We offer select companies an opportunity to join our free SEO network of sites as they are built, prepared and aged for use.  You can sign up by following this link.

Why is this significant? Good do-follow links are the foundation of superior SEO. Of course there are other SEO variables needed to dominate your sites SEO, however, our free SEO sites offer free good PR, PA and DA do-follow backlinks which will  boots your sites search engine rankings dramatically (PR = Google Page Rank; PA = Page Authority; DA = Domain Authority).

Backlinks, which are also often called inbound links, are basically the URL of your website that has been placed on other (usually relevant) websites or web pages by the website owner or the blog author. There are several different types of backlinks, although the 2 primary types of backlinks are no-follow backlinks and do-follow backlinks.

What Are No-Follow Backlinks?

No-follow backlinks have very little SEO benefits, although it is possible for them to indirectly affect your rankings when they are posted on relevant high traffic websites. No-follow backlinks can also indirectly affect your rankings by increasing the prevalence of your URL on the Internet, thus providing your URL the chance to be discovered by a webmaster who appreciated your content enough to link it on their website with a do-follow backlinks.

What Are Backlinks Backlinks?

Unlike no-follow backlinks, do-follow backlinks provide your website with direct SEO benefits, although not all do-follow backlinks are created equally. In the not too distant past, many Internet marketrs and webmasters relied on a website’s PageRank to determine whether or not a backlink from a website was worth it.

These days, Internet marketers rely on a variety of metrics that estimate a website’s value. Some of these metrics include: Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Domain Authority, MozRank, and Page Authority. While these metrics are not perfect and only serve to estimate a site’s chance to rank, they are often accurate enough for us to determine a website’s value.

More SEO Factors!

There are many other factors that go into SEO however backlinking is the #1 that affects rankings hands down.  To learn more about SEO and how you can improve your sites rankings please visit our DYI SEO page. You can sign up by following this link.

NOTE: We screen and edit all submissions to our SEO sites to ensure top quality.  There are certain types of sites we do not accept. Once screened and approved we your link(s) will show. There are other factors needed before we will link to your site.  Please join the network and dominate your SEO!

Free SEO Link #1…sign up for your free SEO here!

As promised for visiting the SOM Free SEO Site we are offering a free link from our PR4/DA50/PA41 site Evo Morales Reviews.  Click on this link and join the site.  Once you get a confirmation please log back in and complete your own review.  We then review all submissions and approve if all criteria is met.  All submissions require you post a Do-Follow links back to the Evo Morales Site using this one of the following two codes:

Image Link

  • Example:
    • See our consumer review on
  • Code (Insert anywhere on your site. Home page is ideal):
    • See our consumer review on <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img style=”float: up; margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px;” src=”” alt=”” /></a>


Text Link

  • Example:
  • Code (Insert anywhere on your site. Home page is ideal):
    • <a style=”margin: 0px 8px; border: none; padding: none; text-decoration: none;” href=” ” target=”_blank”>Evo Morales Reviews</a>

When you join the SOM Free SEO Site you will have access to sites like the EVO site as they come available. You would need to check back in and see when we have new sites posted.  We attempt to have site once or twice per month.  Some sites fill up which are first come first serve sites so check back regularly.